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My Open University Journey Officially Starts Today

SDK100 - My First module with the Open University, officially starts today!

Despite having signed up to the Open University last August, it’s only today that my first module actually begins.  As apparently is the case with all modules, I’ve had access to the module website for a few weeks now.  I’ve taken some time to familiarise myself with the structure and how everything works and had a brief look at the module content.

My first module is SDK100 – ‘Science and Health: An Evidence-Based Approach’.  As someone that is seemingly a medical mystery (of sorts), the topic is of great interest. I’m excited to learn more, and hopefully, gain a better understanding of my personal health issues along the way. But, I’m also terrified. This is my first attempt at formal, structured education since leaving school at 16.  I barely touched on Biology in school, and if I did learn anything back then, it’s all long-since forgotten.

So, I start with some trepidation and fear along with the excitement.  I take some relief in the fact that, at first glimpse, prior knowledge isn’t assumed – everything is structured in a way that prepares you for what is expected.

The first thing that becomes immediately apparent is that you certainly do need to set aside the time to study.

They weren’t kidding when they said you’d need 16 hours a week to study.

Some fellow students appear to be well ahead already – some are already preparing their first assignment, which isn’t due until March! How I wish I had the time to be that organised!  Luckily, an equal number of us have yet to do anything more than have a quick browse.

SDK100 is made up of eight topics, and two, in particular, will be of interest to me.  Topic two relates to nutrition and malnutrition, something I’ve researched on a personal level before – but need to learn a great deal more about. Topic eight is about sight – which, having just this week been informed my own is at serious risk, is something I’m especially looking forward to learning about.

Finding the time, and energy, isn’t going to be easy – and how well I do with this remains to be seen. I will, however, embrace the opportunity and put as much into it as I can.




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